Online Notepads: Little Helper to keep organized

Do you always feel as though you should be much better organized than you are? Have you tried the usual online organizational tools, but are not doing any better organizing your life than you were before?


If so, why not try an online notepad? Not only can a good online notepad get you organized, it has many other benefits to using it as well.


Some are free — Some online notes providers like the one from ClickUp are completely free. That means you can jot down all the information you need on it to keep yourself organized, yet never have to pay one cent to use it.


Keep your ideas in one place — We all go through a typical day and have a hundred ideas of things we would like to do. Most of us then promptly forget them.


With an online notepad, however, you can jot down any ideas you have the minute you have them. Then keep them safe in one place until you have time to read them. You can even organize them with headings and sub-headings, so you can jot down ideas for lots of different projects.


Agendas are useful — Free online notepads like the one from ClickUp even include a way to create agendas.


That means you just click the section that says ‘Agenda’, and then plan your day on it. Each to do item is listed under the time you intend to do it, and can be saved as soon as you have entered it. You can then go back to it throughout the day and add to or change items as you get them done.


Agendas are great too, as you can give your co-workers access to them. Everyone is then working from the same agenda at the same time.


Make lists of chores — We all have household chores and to do lists we need to get done, but many times nowhere to put them. At least not if we do not want to write down quick lists on scraps of paper we then lose.


Free online notepads like the one from ClickUp have list systems we can use. These lists make it easy to start a new one, and then add to it all the chores and things you must get done. As each list item comes with a check box next to it, you can even check them off as they get done.


Multiple note threads — Many of these online notepads also have the ability to create multiple note threads.


This allows you to separate the things you think of and the things you need to work on into separate threads. That way all the things for home can stay together, as well as all the things for work and for school.


Accessible from anywhere — The wonderful thing about these notepads is that you can access them from anywhere. From your desktop at home, and from your mobile device no matter where you happen to be in the world.

You can also easily find more tips on how to take good notes and stay organized on Youtube: